Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ready to quilt

My last update on this project was nearly a month ago, my first blog post of the new year. I had just given up on trying to figure out how to complete this quilt top, daunted by mathematics, colors, and patterns, and style. So, I left it alone for a while. I started working on another project altogether--a new quilt project Leah Day's Free-Motion Quilting Building Blocks Quilt Along. This one will be black and white and pink all over--more on that another time.

It is about time for an update on my complex quilting journey to complete one particular project. I couldn't be more excited. This soap-opera will one day reveal a completed yellow and aqua quilt.

Once I finally quilt obsessing over just how to construct the finishing triangles needed for this on-point quilt, I figured out how to make them. It was so easy. I gave in to the computer software as my friend Jane had suggested. At the time, I had thought of all kinds of reasons why that wouldn't work, but, I was completely over-thinking the problem. Once I realized that, I printed out the templates, added the seam allowance of 1/4-inch and cut out the pieces. I sewed them together, and voila, the perfect setting triangles, as seen below.

There was no figuring. I didn't even need to wrack my brain with some obscure mathematical formula. I made 10 of them along with four smaller triangles for the corners.

I am now ready to come up with a final layout of my squares. I just love the addition of the chain blocks, also Jane's idea, which adds the secondary pattern. I'm thrilled that the triangles continue that pattern to the edges of the quilt. That was what I wanted all along.

Next, I will cut out the backing fabric and squares of batting. I will then begin free-motion quilting the individual squares. The designs for each squares are something I haven't planned for. This will be my final design choice and final challenge with this quilt. I have never been very good at picking quilting designs, but I am in no hurry. I want to examine each block until just the right design comes to me.

I will use yellow and white gingham with alternating white squares for the backing. I already have the batting. While the quilt is large enough to cover the bed, I may just add a couple of borders to finish it off. I can't wait to post a picture of the completed quilt. So, stay tuned!

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