Monday, September 17, 2012

Old Yeller is done!

After eight months of quilting, I have finally finished my quilt, which I have affectionately call "Old Yeller." 

I designed it on computer software and then had to choose scads of yellow fabric. Then I dutifully cut all the many pieces and sewed the entire quilt top together. That was last February. Since then I have been hand-quilting a simple design.

It was joyous to take that last stitch. I put it into the washer and on the delicate cycle proceeded to wash it. Not only does washing clean it after all that handling, mine and our four cats, but it also completes what I like to call the puff factor. Once it came out of the dryer, I immediately put it on my bed. 

Some of the detail can be seen at the closest edge. It is bound with the polka dot fabric. 

I actually designed this quilt around that polka dot fabric. I have always had a thing for dots. I once covered the walls of my bedroom, when I still lived at my parents' house, with lavender paisley contact paper. I thought the different sized dots would stick, but when they didn't, I used glue. That didn't work really well for my father who after I moved out tried to remove them. He had to have the wall re-plastered. From what I can remember, he wasn't too happy about it either. 

I admit that I feel a little empty now, not having a quilt lying around to be worked on while I watch TV at night. I'm anxious to start a new project. And I think I just might have something in mind. So, I can't wait to get started.
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