Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rest in peace Andy

Andy Williams
Cover of Andy Williams
I've just learned that Andy Williams has died, after losing his battle with bladder cancer. Like so many people who hear this news, my heart is broken. I feel like I have lost a beloved family member.

My love of Andy Williams goes back to when I was 14 years old. That is now 46 years of adoration.

I was fortunate to get to meet him in person--to pose for a picture with him. I even wrote about about the encounter. It was at a book signing when Andy released his long-awaited memoir, "Moon River and Me." I wrote about that too, and how I savored every word. His book was a treasure trove of memories, but not just for him; but for me too. I remember so many things about his life. I read everything I could about him.

Just recently, I was looking through an old box of photos when I came across two ticket stubs--from one of Andy's performances. It was a cold, snowy winter day when my husband, John, of 35 years, took me to see Andy at Chicago's McCormick Place. I have long said I simply had to marry a man who would take me to see Andy Williams.
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