Monday, October 21, 2013

Winter's coming; time to cozy up the nest; sell some 'stuff'

There has been a whirlwind of activity around here of late. 
Annual garage sale
Annual family garage sale

It started with the annual family garage sale. My husband's two sisters always come to share in the event. It is a good thing too, because I doubt we would have had enough 'stuff' to fill a table on our own.

One of his sisters--Betty--lives less than a block away from us; the other--Jean--lives 600 miles from here. It is always a pleasant time--a family reunion of sorts--filled with good conversation, good food, and lots of laughs along the way.

With Betty and Jean making their contribution of 'stuff' combined with our own, we actually had a fine mix of merchandise. 

We have a little family tradition. Before we see the first customer, the three of us, check out each other's tables, as we sort of redistribute each other's family treasures. 

There is a lot of trading of $1 bills in those early hours. 

Funny, how it is all about the stuff. We may tire of our own stuff, but we love other peoples' stuff. Every time I think of our garage sales, I am always reminded of the words of the late, great, George Carlin.

No matter the subject, nobody said it better than Carlin. 

So, enjoy a bit of nostalgia as you watch what I think is one of his funniest bits.