Thursday, September 26, 2013

What is this plant?

mystery shrub 1
Some time ago, I was given this plant by an acquaintance, though she didn't identify it. Or, if she did, I have forgotten. I think that was about three or four years ago.

mystery shrub 2
I thought this poor thing was dead. For the longest time, it was a tiny thing that seemed to barely hang on. Then it was gone. But last year, I noticed a re-emergence. I'm always excited and usually excited to see what survives in the spring.

Throughout last year's severe drought, I kept watering this along with all the other plants I tried to keep alive.

mystery shrub 3The next thing I knew, there were two of them. This year, the thing seemed to just take off.

The twins, as I now call them, are about two feet high. They have pretty foliage with a five-leaf cluster at the tip of the stem. It also has a side shoot filled with berries.

On one of plants, the leaves have a red tinge. Whether the growth habit or the season is responsible, I'm not sure. The berries appear to be turning red as well. I hope they are bird friendly. If not, it is outta here!

I'd love to attract cedar waxwings. I saw one earlier this year, which was apparently just passing through. I want more!

My attempt to identify this plant has been rather futile. Try Googling bush with berries. Hah, the possibilities are endless.

My first thought is that it might be a 'burning bush,' although I really have no idea. I hope it isn't something that gets humongous, since if it got too big, it would easily outgrow its location right in front of the front porch. It currently gets part sun/part shade.

If you can identify this plant, please comment. I'd love to know. Thanks in advance.
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