Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It really is Spring in the Ozarks

Despite the variant temperatures that during at least one day this month, it required the air conditioner in the afternoon and heat at night. The calendar really does have it right; it is Springtime. 

This is the best time of year normally--my absolute favorite--even if this year it has been less than ideal. I'm trying hard to enjoy it anyway.

One day it was so warm that hubby and I just had to take a ride to the lake. I don't know how it is for anyone else, but I know there are just days when my psyche needs to see, hear, and smell the water.

We had a picnic lunch at a favorite spot and happened across this duck who must have had the same idea. He had just resurfaced, after a deep dive where he undoubtedly found something good to eat. 

On another day when a cold snap retreated just long enough to take a slow, leisurely walk in the backyard, I was captivated by this old, gnarly cedar tree, a real thing of beauty. 

I couldn't help but wonder what kind of critter installed that rock at the base of the tree. It was obviously being used as a front door to the entrance to someone's den.

One of the most lovely sights to behold, at least in my opinion, is that of the bluebird keeping watch as the female sits on her nest inside one of our many bluebird boxes. 

I love everything about these birds. 

I recall seeing them when I was very young, growing up in a Chicago neighborhood, but they had long since disappeared. It wasn't until visiting Arkansas on vacation that I was re-acquainted with them. Now that we live here, I'm so happy to share space with a bunch of blues. I find that absolutely thrilling.

Of course the hummingbirds are back. We have been waiting, with the feeders in place for almost a month. This year they came back April 13. 

My husband saw them first. I didn't see my first until a couple days later. At first there were only one or two, but they are coming back in some numbers now. By later this summer, there will be the usual feeding frenzy going on. 

Springtime is the time for one of my favorite Holidays--Earth Day. That was yesterday when this picture was taken, of our Earth Day crabapple tree.

I always like to commemorate Earth Day with some kind of tree planting. Even though this one is teensy, I have high hopes that one day it will fill the front yard with fragrant pink flowers. 

Spring really has come to the Ozarks, even if the signs can be rather illusive.

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