Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring snow, great for the landscape, easy on the eyes

This Spring snow storm in the Ozarks was well worth the wait. It had been anticipated for days. Predictors promised an early morning start yesterday, but it wasn't until 5 p.m. that the first flakes began to appear. Once they did, the dance was intoxicating. It was hard not to look out the window to watch.

We don't get lots of snow in the Ozarks; in fact, this is the first measurable snow of the season, despite it being just a day or two past its season.

As a former Midwesterner, I am not accustomed to a winter without snow, so it was good to finally satisfy my snow fix.    

And a beautiful sight it is. Just walking past any window in the house is like passing a beautiful piece of artwork. You just can't help but stop to admire it.

The best part about this wet, heavy snow is that it is all about moisture, something we have not had measurable amounts of in these parts for a very long time, in any form. We really need to make up for a huge deficit from the 2012 drought. Thankfully, this will go a long way toward  making that happen. This is just what the doctor ordered for our parched landscape. And did I mention it is very beautiful too?

I could be wrong, but I believe the Bradford Pear, (top right) which has just started to bloom and the Magnolia (next photo) with its swollen buds seem happy with the new-fallen, slow-release moisture.

The next photo indicates that just the right amount of snow fell. It is fairly deep. Walking in it would certainly require boots.

I haven't always been fond of the snow. Having been stranded in it not once, but twice in my lifetime, I always appreciate when the snow flies and I can observe from the warm comfort of home. The only responsibility when the flakes fly, is to see to keep our feathered friends well-fed. This Goldfinch, who is just starting to take on the vibrant yellow feathers he will wear during the summer months, seems content enough as he makes his way back and forth from the bird feeder to a nearby perch in a red oak along with his many pals.

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