Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Weighing in on Adam Lambert

I just can't help myself. I have to weigh in on the Adam Lambert performance at the American Music Awards Sunday night.

I was an Adam Lambert fan during the entire season of American Idol—despite runner-up adoration for Kris Allen, who is from my home state. I thought Lambert knocked the socks off Idol viewers everywhere. I was not impressed by his over-the-top performance at the AMA show either, but,...

Complaints, c'mon

That said, there is no way I find it difficult to believe that 1,500 people actually complained to the network about it. It is hard to believe so many people actually picked up the phone or sent an email to ABC to lodge a complaint. What is wrong with turning the channel?

Lambert's performance was no worse than the other freaks who performed, dangling jewelry over their crotch, grabbing at themselves or others, or dressing in ridiculous costumes meant to make them look naked or to accentuate erogenous parts.

Whatever happened to freedom of expression? Isn't music supposed to be art? Or are these the same kind of people who would cover up a naked statue or dress a nude painting? What's worse than the complaints are that anyone would listen.

I don't particularly like the kind of music I saw Sunday, but these performers are free to express themselves. It is the world we live in. If you dislike it, do as I will do, don't buy the music.

What is with Good Morning America?

What appalls me the most is the fact that Good Morning America canceled an appearance by Lambert scheduled for Wednesday morning. What is up with that?

Adam Lambert has amazing vocal ability. He could probably do a great rendition of Amazing Grace just as easily as any other music. Was GMA afraid his intention was to come on TV to rub legs with Chris Cuomo or go for an open-mouthed kiss with Sam Champion? C'mon on! The GMA venue is totally different than the AMA.

I think GMA made a big mistake canceling Lambert. I've noticed a downward slide for GMA as a news show—one that is more interested in entertainment than news. And, can we talk about how they have taken to pushing the Christian envelope? To me, that is just as inappropriate as Lambert sticking his tongue down some guy's throat.

My opinion

For what it is worth, Adam Lambert did himself a disservice. He is way too good—too talented to allow a performance to isolate any fans. His flamboyant behavior and appearance is probably a fleeting statement, an experiment to locate the boundaries. At least that is my hope. And, let's give the guy a break. He's young and he just found fame. He should be allowed a little leeway—a little time to experiment with what works for him. It is my hope that he will tone down the act in order to settle into a long-term career as he makes music that will serve him well.

We all know he is gay—so what. There is no more need to flaunt it. The shock value is done. I suspect Adam Lambert's shock value performances will be toned-down as well. Once he gets this out of his system, he can make his living off his extreme talent, performing music that has a wide range of interest. Personally, I can't wait.