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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Living in the woods is like magic to me

Born a city girl, I will never tire of living in the woods. And I never want to go back. I love country life. The woods yield many surprises; one of them came to visit Saturday. 

This morning while gazing out the window, I happened to see this adult Red-Shouldered Hawk land on a tree right outside my window. 

It was Saturday morning, so I was talking to my friend Nancy on the phone at the time. Nancy and I used to work together. Since my husband and I moved to Arkansas, some fifteen years ago, Nancy and I have talked on the phone every Saturday, with very few exceptions. We talk for hours, sharing concerns, laughing, reminiscing, and generally enjoying each other's friendship. 

I usually sit in the sun porch with a cat or two or three on my lap as Nancy and I attempt to solve the world's problems, or at least harangue about them. As we talk, I usually gaze out the windows overlooking the woods in the backyard. Often times I remark about something I see that is notable, which was the case today. 

This hawk was definitely a part of today's conversation. 

As we talked, I couldn't keep my eyes off this huge, beautiful, bird. It was such a contrast from the tiny chickadees, finches, woodpeckers and titmice that visit the bird feeder which is also right outside my window. 

As I was watched, I saw a Blue Jay dive bomb the hawk, coming from a nearby branch above where the hawk was perched. The jay flew right at the hawk's head, punched at him with his feet, and flew off without missing a beat.  The hawk didn't budge, but I swear I detected the stink eye.

Once the jay flew off, the hawk continued to sit there, seemingly cozy and comfortable. He was there for more than an hour before he flew off into the woods.

Apparently the Blue Jays in the area don't like having predators around. For my part though, I'm kinda thrilled to have seen him. I hope he comes back.