Monday, November 19, 2018

Fall doesn’t have to be the end of summer

Every year I try to bring a little summer into the house. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t. But it is always fun to try.

This year I brought in a whole pot of Marigolds. My indoor thumb is green, but my outdoor thumb is not. So, these flowers didn’t do all that much this summer, but they did perk up toward the end when it finally rained a bit. So, rather than write them off, I decided to try to keep them alive.

At the very least, even if they don’t make it until spring, now only 121 days from this writing, I can always save the seeds from the spent flowers to plant outside. I also have Zinnias and Geraniums and Petunias.
It is always nice to add a little color into my sun porch to add to my houseplants. I rather like the look.

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