Sunday, September 2, 2018

If life is a bowl of cherries, I’ve been missing out

bowl of cherries

No more! I’ve always liked sweet cherries, but rarely bought them because eating them is so much trouble. When I did buy them, I would bring them home, wash them, and prepare for standing a long time at the kitchen sink.

cherry pitterTo pit them, I’d use a paring knife, cut them in half and use whatever was available to pull out the pit. Sometimes I just cut the cherries into quarters to make it easier to get the pit. Either way, it was a messy, tedious job. I tried some of the many tips I’d heard about, such as using a plastic drinking straw to push the pit through, but that was a no solution, solution.

Then one day, I found a cherry pitter online that looked like a marvelous tool. Oh, and marvelous it was. In fact, I might even say it was life-changing.

This little tool has made cherry pitting so simple that it takes no time at all to process an entire bowl full of cherries. It doesn’t stain my fingers.
I’m thrilled to be eating these delicious summertime treats.

cherry pitting
Using the tool is simple. Just line up the cherry and squeeze. The pits just fall out.
I like to take a sheet pan, line it with parchment paper, and add the pitted cherries in a single layer, to be placed into the freezer.

Once frozen, I put the cherries into freezer bags to be used when needed.
Whether I want just a few to be added to a smoothie, or in quantity for a special dessert, they are easily accessible. Because they are frozen individually, they remain separated.

I hate to throw anything away, so I even use leftovers to make cherry pit vinegar.

For this tasty addition to salads, I take 1/2 cup of cherry pits. (whole, uncracked pits only), put them into a mason jar. Cover them with 2 cups of red or white wine vinegar. Let it sit overnight. Strain it and discard the cherry pits. The vinegar can sit at room temperature for a year. Cherry pit vinegar can be used to make a tasty vinaigrette or even as a drink with club soda and honey.

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