Tuesday, April 5, 2016


One word exemplifies my philosophy; simplify.

Though I already was a plant-lover, maintaining about 30 of my own house plants in what was then my small apartment,  I learned so much from this man, whose shows I never missed. When John and I bought our first home, I couldn't wait to plant a garden.

This isn't new for me now that I'm in the autumn of my life. I've never claimed to be a minimalist; that is, I really like 'my stuff,' as the late, great George Carlin often joked about all the worldly possessions a person gathers in a lifetime, in one of what I consider the funniest stand-up routines ever. But I do prefer a simple life.

I have never figured that bigger was better. It is just bigger. I've never liked the drama even though I rather enjoy problem-solving. I do not like, and will sidestep at every turn, creating them.

I had an epiphany this morning, as I was watering my plants. There could hardly be a more simple task. But this Tuesday morning, with no plans for the day except to get caught up on some chores--at my own pace--, and the sun shining brightly through the windows, I realized how much joy I felt in doing this simple task.

My life has been complicated of late, not of my own doing. So, those simple, moments of pure joy, mean all the more.

I have always been a hobbyist of some sort, whether it be quilting, crocheting, writing, or whatever. I have always loved plants. I suppose it is in my DNA.

My mother had house plants. My father liked to garden. When I was very young and my grandmother would steal me away to spend the weekend with her at her spacious three-flat in Chicago, it was always my job to water her plants. I guess you could say my thumb has history of being green.

Grandma had lots of cacti and other succulents. My mother had beautiful African Violets. I love them all. With the exception of the Bermuda grass that invades my gardens outside, I love everything that grows.

Image result for jim crockett victory gardenWhen John and I got married, we honeymooned in Florida. On a Saturday morning I was watching television; it was an episode of Crockett's Victory Garden on PBS. It was the first time I had seen it, and was immediately hooked. I fell in love with Jim Crockett and so admired his gardens and method of sharing everything he knew about raising both indoor and outdoor plants.

I also liked to grow roses. I recall one day a lady walked by. I was outside pulling some weeds when she stopped by to admire my roses. They really were incredible, although I don't think I had very much to do with that. I had purchased nine hybrid tea roses from Jackson & Perkins. A cold killed them the next winter, but they were lovely. I haven't bought a rose since then. Perhaps I should give it another try.

Whatever the endeavor, I believe it is the simple things that bring the most pleasure. So, the word of the day, every day, for me is "simplify."