Friday, December 6, 2013

The Ozarks is a winter wonderland! Who knew?

I was born in Chicago during a blizzard. 
Perhaps that explains why I can't help but love this weather.
rural winter
Winter in the Ozarks

American Goldfinch
The American Goldfinch is probably my favorite bird. While his winter feathers are muted compared to the bright yellow he wears in the summer, this splash of color is a a welcome scene in the winter landscape.
American Goldfinch in winter
Still wearing some of his yellow feathers from summer, this American Goldfinch posed in appreciation of the sunflower seeds that are always readily available at our house.
Tufted Titmouse
This Tufted Titmouse awaits his turn at the birdfeeder. Since the snow started falling, it is a very busy place.
Ozarks snow scene
This is not quite as inviting as it was during the summer months, but with the first day of Spring only 104 days away, I can wait as I enjoy this beautiful winter season in the Ozarks.
Ozarks birdhouse
This looks more like a scene from the North Pole than the Arkansas Ozarks as the ice-encrusted magnolia buds await Spring


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