Tuesday, December 3, 2013

♫ Lemon tree very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet...♫

Lemon tree
I can't believe this little lemon tree is trying to bear fruit. 

My husband gave me this Meyer Lemon tree for Mother's Day. He knows how much I absolutely love plants, so it was a very thoughtful and considerate gift.

I never dreamed it would live, let alone thrive. It got flowers this summer, but they all fell off, except for one. 

Lemon tree with a lemonNow I know what all those bees were doing. Thanks bees.

Out of all those flowers, one has grown into a little, tiny, baby lemon. See it at left. 

I never dreamed I could grow lemons indoors, but I brought the plant inside weeks ago and the plant is still going strong. In fact, it is blooming again. 

There is a sweet fragrance to the flowers, just like the song says. 

I'm simply in awe of this little plant. Perhaps my black thumb is turning green again after all. I have had some successes of late. I sure hope that continues because I find such joy in growing things. Perhaps I was a farmer in another life. Or, perhaps I'm becoming a farmer in this one.

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