Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ozarks adventures with Sarah the rogue deer

Ozark deer
Sarah, my rogue deer friend

The weather has warmed up significantly here in the Ozarks, after a long string of spectacular summer days. In fact, it is now downright hot outside, just like summer. So, my most important chore, aside from watering the plants is to fill the bird baths. We have three of them in the front yard, strategically placed so the birds can partake whenever they like. 

This morning, after I finished filling them, just as I turned to rehang the hose on its holder, I noticed my rogue deer friend, named Sarah after another creature that liked to call herself a rogue, watching me intently. I consider her a rogue because she seems totally fearless and is always by herself. She has even made her way onto the front porch to nibble on my plants. 

This morning, she kept eyeing me, almost as if to ask my permission to drink from the bird bath I had just filled. I began talking to her, of course telling her it was alright. While she is very bold when there is no one around, she was a little less so with my standing there gawking at her. She inched her way, always keeping her eyes peeled in my direction. Finally she made it all the way there and began to drink. She was thirsty alright, drinking all the water before running off into the woods. I filled it up again right away. This must be done several times during the day when it is this hot. Funny, I'm sure she'll be back.

I wish I'd had a camera handy, but alas, a photo of Sarah looking at me from a few days earlier will just have to do. 

It is this kind of encounter that keeps me pleased with our decision to move to the Ozarks. My husband and I absolutely love it here. Despite the challenge of trying to mix gardening and wildlife adventures, I couldn't be more pleased with the opportunity to be up close and personal with these beautiful animals. I love and respect all living things, except snakes. They have my respect; love, not so much. The deer though, are my absolute favorites.

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