Monday, June 17, 2013

Backyard delight - twice in one week

Last week I lost lots of flowers due to deer, I believe. I didn't catch them in the act, but I recognize the tell-tale here-today, gone-tomorrow signs. They ate lilies, roses, a small Mimosa tree, some sedums, and the leaves of two coral bells. Ho hum, that is just life in the woods.

home-grown potatoes
First ever crop of potatoes
I did have two really cool experiences this week though. 

First, was my first ever crop of potatoes. We planted only a few plants, but when the leaves started to die down, I pulled them up only to find these little gems attached. I've never grown potatoes before. I'm not sure why, but I think I might plant more of these in the future. They are effortless and the rewards are pretty exciting. 

Red-headed woodpecker
First sighting of Red-headed woodpecker
The other really exciting thing that happened last week was seeing my favorite woodpecker at the bird feeder. We have Pileated, Sowny, Hairy, Eed-bellied, and even Yellow-bellied sapsuckers, but this is my first sighting of a Red-headed woodpecker here. 

The first one I ever saw was at Bull Shoals State Park. I was amazed at the colors. This is definitely not a good picture of him. I excitedly shot it through the living room window, quickly. I wanted to capture the moment and wasn't fussy about how it happened. Too bad the quality is not good because the colors in this bird were delicious. The scarlet red of the feathers on his head were gorgeous. The black and white were flawless and vivid. I nearly panicked to learn that we were almost out of suet. Hubby just returned from the store, suet in hand. I certainly hope red head comes back. I think I'll call him Lucy.
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