Friday, February 22, 2013

For me, winter storm "Q" stands for quiescent

The most recent winter storm was well warned--or was that hyped? For many parts of the country from the southwest to the southern plains to the east coast, there was a real need for preparedness. For my neck of the woods though--the land of little precipitation--hype more aptly describes the dire warnings that emptied store shelves of bread, milk, and water.

I'm not complaining, mind you. I recall the ice storm a few years ago that caused our power to be out for five days and made my husband John and I return to a kind of pioneer lifestyle. There was fear that this storm could pack a similar punch. Thankfully, it didn't.

What did happen during this storm could be described as some minor inconveniences. We just bought a new stove, since ours was on its last legs after 30 years. It was supposed to be delivered Thursday. Fat chance! We now have to wait an entire week to get it. I hope the factory warranty begins the day we receive it and not the day we bought it. Who know--those few days could make a difference? We will just have to make due with the old one and hope it doesn't set the house on fire.

We also were without television for a short time while the dark clouds that contained thunder sleet parked overhead for a time. That was slightly bothersome, but to be expected.

The one thing about our version of winter storm Q, was that it transformed our normally mundane winter landscape into something spectacular, peaceful, beautiful. While not exactly good for the trees, it provided moisture which they so desperately needed. And, it was beautiful. Waking up this morning, the backyard was especially lovely.

The sun is shining and the ice is visibly and vigorously melting. I can see and hear it as I write this. Soon the trees will stand up straight again. So many of their ice-encrusted buds will grow. Many of the branches on the bushes lining the backyard are redbuds. They will soon fill the above view with pink. Soon the hand on that thermometer will register a more reasonable setting. Spring, which is just 26 days away, is my very favorite time of year. From now until the heat of summer begins, every day seems magical as the landscape reawakens. Its progress is measurable. Life is good!
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