Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I won a writing contest

I won the writing contest I entered recently. Thanks to all who voted. ;-)

While this wasn't exactly a writing contest, where writing is judged by editors and/or other writers, this included writing as well as hints of a popularity contest. No matter, it was a writing contest and I won. Yippee!

Perhaps it will be enough though to help give my writing ambition a boost. Actually, there is nothing wrong with my desire to write. I write all the time. If I'm not writing in one of my blogs or in some political diatribe on Facebook, answering emails, commenting on news articles, I write letters. In fact, I write something every day; I just don't often get paid for it. That is a discipline I've never quite gotten a handle on.

What I really need is to send what I write to someone who might be interested in publishing it. I've never quite mastered that whole marketing myself thingy. Perhaps I need an agent.

Anyway, I did get paid for this contest. I earned $50. I've already received the check. With it, I bought plants for the garden.

Thanks again.