Sunday, March 25, 2012

Springtime and maintaining the nest

One of the aspects of springtime is evidenced by the "nesting" instinct. Not only do the birds do it, but we humans do it too. 

There is just something that comes over me when the sky is blue and a breeze blows into a houseful of open windows. Perhaps it is the fresh air or realization about being cooped up all winter, despite the wonderful season we had this year. At any rate, my nesting instinct got the better of me. I rarely question this kind of behavior, since humans have largely lost the ability to behave instinctively; we have ignored our instincts for so long.

Yesterday was a rather lazy day, as many of them are now that my husband John and I are retired. We have largely settled into a routine of not having a routine. He had just finished his afternoon nap and I had just finished putsing around on the computer. It was about 4:00 in the afternoon when I decided it was time to do a little spring cleaning in the living room. This was not something that was planned or even verbalized; it just happens. I know it would have made more sense to begin chores in the morning, but that wasn't when the mood struck.

John didn't grumble; pitch a fit about having better things to do. He just jumped in and helped out without my even having to ask. I guess after 35 years of being together we are just attuned to these kinds of things. Spring cleaning isn't unlike finishing each others' sentences or thinking and saying the same thing at the same time.

We began by washing windows. I took care of the inside of our huge picture window with two smaller ones on either side while John washed them from the outside.

With all this looking out the windows of late, checking out all the blooming plants and growing oak leaves readily visible just beyond the front porch, it was really nice to have a clear view again, unencumbered by cat paw and dog nose prints inside, and tiny tufts of feathers outside where a stray chickadee made a wrong turn into the window.

Once that task was completed, I decided it was time to move the furniture. For some reason, men just hate moving furniture. Women love doing it, especially when they help. Furniture really does get pretty heavy at my age. Anyway, it is always easier for two people rather than just one.

I had a method to my madness; it wasn't just all about cleaning. Not only did I want to vacuum under and around the furniture, but for some time I was thinking I wanted to position the couch in front of the windows in order to take advantage of the light during the day for quilting purposes.

John has a recliner, so admittedly, I am the couch potato in the family. Moving it also causes me to sit on the other side--which aids in equal wear on both sides.

Since we had gone this far, we might as well continue the usual cleaning surfaces, dusting stuff, throwing away old magazines and catalogues that had been lying around.

Once it was all done and I stood back to look at what we'd accomplished. It looked like our living room was much larger. The problem is, our cats are totally confused; the dog doesn't know where to go. In fact, I'm not as comfortable on the 'wrong' side of the couch either. I'm sure it we will all be used to it in no time. 

With the spring coming early this year, we might just get the whole house done. By the time summer comes, we will think we are living in a totally new house. 
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