Monday, January 30, 2012

What is going on with Grey's Anatomy?

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What is going on with Grey's Anatomy? Is my favorite TV show losing it?

I brewed my favorite cup of hot cup of green tea, and settled into my favorite spot on the couch. It was Thursday night, the one day of the week that I relish for good television viewing. It would be first Grey's Anatomy and then Private Practice. Almost immediately, I recognized it as a rerun.

This morning I read a story in Huffington Post Entertainment entitled, "Is anyone still watching Grey's Anatomy?"  I read the story, as I wondered who would ask such a thing. I also read all the comments that followed only to realize that many are asking the same question.

Some admitted abandoning the show completely. Others complained about the characters' story lines or its lack of medical drama, or simply said it was boring.

On first thought I disagree wholeheartedly.

On second thought, I remembered last Thursday's rerun, even though the season has just begun. At least I think it is a new season--who knows anymore since episodes bounce from new to old with no apparent pattern or reason?

On the days that I don't set the DVR, and have to watch commercials, I find trying to watch a television drama agonizing, not to mention annoying. Seemingly in the middle of the action, there is a break--and I mean a long break--for a plethora of ads. I've about had it with the advertising industry which is now trying to take over the Internet.

While I was still weighing my thoughts on overall quality of the show, I leaned heavily toward disagreement  with all the naysayers. Then I watched the promo for the next episode entitled, "What if?" See the link below. 

Apparently Meredith is having a road-not-taken-moment. I'm not sure I want to see an entire dramatization with characters paired with the wrong people having totally out-of-character personalities and even dead people being brought to life to enjoy new found success. I like reality in my television. That is not to say I like reality TV. That is a different thing entirely from a television drama based on reality.

So now I'm not so sure. Until this point, I have enjoyed the characters. It appears that great pains are taken to keep them true to life.

In my opinion, Grey's Anatomy was stellar until George got hit by a bus and Izzy got a brain tumor. Since then, I've had the feeling the characters are tentative and story lines are somewhat uncertain.

For example Derek and Meredith are no longer believable. One minute he was ready to walk away from her and the next minute they are the loving, perfect couple again. Then, all of a sudden, a child pops into their lives. This kid, while adorable, seems to have come out of nowhere. It just isn't believable.

I'd like to think television drama is like reading a novel. I think some of the things Shonda Rhimes has done have been brilliant. But then the others, not so much.

I liked the shooter story line at the end of the 2010 season, but not the graphic violence. I think it was way over the top. A previous post in this blog covered my feelings on that issue so there is no need to reiterate it. Then there was the musical episode last year. I love music and love these characters, but the episode was just plain weird, in my view.

I am a TV medical drama devotee. Some of my favorites over the years have included: Emergency, Rescue 8, ER, and Trauma to name a few. I sincerely hope Grey's Anatomy comes around and doesn't suffer a similar fate as those shows. I remain hopeful.
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