Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lake Norfork before, after spring floods

What a difference a few months makes. These photos of Lake Norfork in north central Arkansas were taken from the same approximate location.

The first, taken in January, uses a zoom effect to detail the shoreline and nearby hills. The second was taken in April after the area was inundated with rain, causing catastrophic flooding in numerous states, including Arkansas.

Approximately 20 inches of rain fell in a span of less than two weeks.

Note the shoreline in the first photo, is non-existent in the second. Also, the size of the hills that protrude above the water is far less in the second photo.

The water was still rising at this point.

What a difference in these before and after pictures. Despite the horrific flooding that has occurred, one thing remains constant however, the Twin Lakes area, no matter what the condition, is breathtakingly beautiful.