Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring is by far the best season

The calendar says we are four days from the start of Spring, but no matter. In my mind, we have been there for days--weeks even.
Early this month, all the signs were there, despite cold temperatures designed just to throw us off. 

Still, it was hard not to notice the sun rising higher in the sky. Turning our clocks ahead only enhanced the obvious longer days. 

There was just something about the sound of the birds' song in the morning too, signaling a behavioral change. They began to scurry around looking for the perfect nesting material. They seem to sense that  Spring was and they were happy to sing all about it.

One of my favorite less subtle signs is in the plants. Nothing is more enjoyable than walking through the yard and scouting out those tiny green sprouts as they emerge from the cold, still leaf-covered ground. Here, my first crocus appeared on March 2.

Other buds also began to appear, like those pictured on the left: the redbuds, lilacs, and those big, fat, pink magnolia blossoms.

Today, things have advanced nicely. Springtime is unmistakable and it is a joy to behold.

Is there anything prettier than a new stand of daffodils in the spring garden?
The magnolia, though only a few years old, is magnificent.

I have even turned one of the blossoms into a screensaver on my computer. Pink is my favorite color and there is nothing more pink than one of these lovely flowers.

Waking up in the morning to start another day is always a joy, but there is just something almost magical about waking up on a mild spring morning. It is unlike any other time.