Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sarah Palin celebrity: Mission Accomplished

Since the shooting in Tucson, there has been a firestorm of controversy regarding the now infamous map put out by NRA sweetheart Sarah Palin, in which she 'targets' congressmen/women who voted for health care legislation for defeat.

The map which put several congressional districts in the United States in the crosshairs, also included the name of the 'targeted' congressmen/women. One of those was U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who now fights for her life after a gunman put a bullet through her brain in an attempted assassination.
There is no explanation for a maniac with a gun as there there is also no explanation for the coming together of the events of Jan. 8, 2011 that resulted in the death of six innocent people and the wounding of 14 others, including Congresswoman Giffords.

Thanks to Palin's map, if she set out to make a name for herself. Mission accomplished.

I admit that I am hardly a fan of Ms. Palin. In fact, I pretty much abhor her politics.

While her actions have been far from benign, Palin likely did not influence the shooter in Tucson.

Nor is the ramped-up use of partisan vitriol since around the time Palin entered the political scene solely to blame. And in spite of the woman and her cohorts instigating contempt from many places, I will stop short of defending Palin.

In my view, her brow-beating style of politics is deplorable, intimidating, and destructive. I admit that upon hearing of the shooting, I too remembered Sarah's map during the last election. I was appalled by it then, as I remain today.

While Sarah can be given no responsibility for the heinous shooting spree of this deranged young man, she should open her eyes to the possibility that if not him, perhaps someone else could take her suggestions seriously.

It is also my view that Sarah Palin is not intellectually capable of understanding that her actions are indeed incitive. They are ignorant and irresponsible.

While posting a map with gunsights on it, is for me a deplorable act, it is what she knows. In Sarah Palin's world, there is nothing wrong with targeting people much like she finds no fault in targeting defenseless animals for her own amusement. In the larger frame, one which Palin purports to want to lead, there is very much a problem with such an attitude.

That is why I believe Sarah Palin is done with her political play-acting. She has had her fifteen minutes of fame. It is time for her to go back to Alaska and cavort with the caribou. She should quietly retreat from the national stage for which she has thrust herself.

During the election of 2012 when Barack Obama wins his second term as our President, I don't even want to hear the name, Sarah Palin.