Friday, January 28, 2011

A display of love should not be censored

I was bothered when I heard about a grocery store's attempt to shield the cover page of a magazine that displayed a family photo of Elton John and David Furnish with their newly-adopted baby. I was sickened to know that the store--Harps--where it occurred was in my own town.

When I heard, I had just come from Harps, a lovely store that sells a nice variety of produce.

Many people are saying they don't blame the store for what has become an international incident. 

I won't go that far. If it were my store and I was asked to censor this magazine cover from public view, I would have refused. I am a middle-aged woman who has been married to the same man for 34 years. I am not gay. 

I abhor censorship.

I'm saddened that there is so much hate and misunderstanding over something that is no one else's business--how people enjoy sex. How or with whom people have sex is no one's concern outside that of the participants.

I never understood the stigma toward gay couples.

Isn't the most important issue the happiness and love of two people? Are they really any different than heterosexual couples? Do children raised in an atmosphere of domestic violence between Mommy and Daddy fare any better? What about the child that witnesses Mommy shooting Daddy or Daddy beating up Mommy? Or what about the kids that just plain aren't wanted? Or there are the babies that are abandoned? To me, these incidents require much more attention than a couple of gay men who want to share their love with a child and who have the means to give the child every advantage possible.

Elton John is a talented, caring, giving, loving man. Why should he be denied fatherhood simply because he doesn't sleep with women? Having a child artificially is a widely accepted practice; why not for him?

The argument against homosexuality is ridiculous.

To appease the political arguments, all men are created equal.

To appease the religious arguments, love they neighbor.

It really is that simple. Isn't love a much more appropriate response when a happy couple has a child? I say congratulations Elton and David. May you enjoy all the joys of parenthood.

To the rest of you, look around. It is time you learn to accept that people should be judged by much more than their sexuality. That is just a small part of what makes us who we are.