Friday, December 3, 2010

KaDee Strickland merits an Emmy

KaDee Strickland deserves an Emmy. Her portrayal of Charlotte King in "Private Practice" this season was extraordinary, as is shown in this clip of the highly-praised drama entitled, "Did you hear about Charlotte?"

KaDee Strickland's character makes us believe. We felt her pain as doctors stitched together the gaping wound in her arm with no anesthetic. We saw the terror in her eyes as she rewound the incident over and over in her mind. There is no disputing that the initial episode was beyond compelling, but it continues. It isn't just this ultra-dramatic episode where she plays a victim of sexual abuse. Her portrayal has continued to be spot on. The demeanor of Strickland's character, Charlotte, is believable--the denial, the withdrawal, the lack of connection to the woman she once was. It is all credible.

I'm not the only nor the first person to come up with the notion that KaDee Strickland deserves an Emmy. See the discussion on the Private Practice Facebook page.  

The drama this year is raw and moving, as it more closely than ever before, mirrors the dark side of reality. Personally, I prefer the brighter side, but that's just me. I admit that during these dark moments of television drama, I long for the ever-popular happy ending. I miss those Ward and June moments. Yet, how many episodes of Leave It to Beaver really stand out in our memories? The truth is that we will remember Charlotte being sexually abused, thanks to Strickland's character portrayal. Thankfully, writers of such drama don't want viewers to be too depressed to watch the show, which almost guarantees their obligation to provide balance, setting us up for those happy times. That too mirrors real life.

Strickland's talents would have been lost on us, had it not begun for phenomenal writing. As a writer, I am probably most appreciative of the efforts of Emmy-winner Shonda Rhimes, a talented, creative writer who pens stories from her imagination.

Rhimes has already reached heights in her career as the successful writer of "Grey's Anatomy," from which "Private Practice" was born. Rhimes' will pen a third show next season. No doubt, it will be on a par with the others. This is a very talented woman.