Friday, October 1, 2010

Dear Hummingbirds

You are almost invisible as you make your way to the feeder.
Dear Hummingbirds,

It has been a joy to watch you again this summer as you and all your friends scurried from the Mock Orange, Magnolia, or nearest Oak tree, to the feeders and then back again.

Early in the season, you had the whole feeder to yourself.
Once again you brought joy to our lives as my husband and I watched you and your family and friends, frenzied behavior and all. How we wish we had half of your energy. It was an honor to make food for you, although for little fellas, you sure do have an appetite. With the price of sugar these days, it was a struggle some weeks, but we were glad to do it. I'm thankful we were able, especially during those horribly hot summer days when there wasn't a flower to be found. 

I hope you have a safe and pleasant journey to Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica or where ever your winter home is located. We look forward to March when we will see you all again. Bring back the whole family. And take good care of yourselves. We will miss you!   
As ever, Carol & John