Saturday, October 24, 2009

Time to bring in plants

We still haven't had a frost--hurray--but it had to be pretty close last night. I brought in my plants yesterday anyway. I was cold outside, so I'm sure they were too. It stayed in the 40ยบ's, but it was too close to comfort for me.

I always love bringing them in. If they were people they would have a glow about them. They seem happy to come inside where it is warmer, and there is no wind. They are obviously tired of the summer breezes which have begun to take on a blustery feel. My plants seem very relieved to be indoors. I've placed them all in the back porch, which isn't heated, but the south-facing windows and proximity to the rest of the house will keep it warm enough. But I can't help but think, wait til the plants meet the cats.

I know I have written about the girls before--all six of them--although Mama lives outside. And Emily, our senior member, rarely goes in that room nor does she bother with the plants. But then there are the terrible-two kittens--four of them. They love playing with the babies of my spider plant. They flick them with their paws and consider it great fun.

They have taken to sitting atop my grape ivy and in between the arms of my Christmas cactus. I have sprinkled cinnamon on all of the plants. I read somewhere that cats don't like the smell of cinnamon. I hope that works. So far, so good, but it will likely be a long winter. That means a good workout for the spray bottle. Just one look at the spray bottle and the girls freak out.

Anyway, I love the look of the porch, all decorated with too many plants. I go out there to read, draw, write on my laptop, or talk on the phone. It is always a joy to be around all of them again. It is like trying to trick myself into forgetting what time of year it really is.

The room had been so empty. Every time I step down into that room, I just want to take a deep breath. I'm glad to have my plants back. I just hope nothing slithery decided to take a ride into the house with them.