Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Top 10 - Peotone Airport obsession isn't so bad

For more than 20 years, I have been obsessed with the State of Illinois' proposal to build a new airport far south of the City of Chicago near a cute little farm town called Peotone. I've been writing about it so long that even I find it amazing that this wasn't the topic of my first post in this blog. I'm sure others are shocked as well. But overall, I think my obsession with the Peotone project has been a good thing. With deference to David Letterman, I have devised a top 10 list of why my Peotone Airport obsession isn't so bad.

10 There is always a subject to talk/write about
9 Whenever I see a chalkboard, there is always something to draw (no airport symbols)
8 I've made plenty of friends, not to mention enemies
7 I've learned a lot along the way: political cynicism; judging character; and recognizing lies
6 No airport symbols makes me happy
5 There is always something to look for in a google search
4 It is nice to be an expert about something
3 I have earned new titles; some might consider it name-calling
2 Thinking about the airport keeps my blood pressure up - I know I'm alive
1 I've learned the real meaning of manure - airport 'studies'