Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sick of the Michael Jackson circus

I am getting a little tired of the Michael Jackson circus. I suppose all of the hubbub is reminiscent of the fact that "entertainment" has taken over society. To some, being entertained is more important than working, learning, loving, and even living. Sadly, it has even been reported that Michael Jackson fans are committing suicide. How sick is that?

Then there is Joe Jackson, crawling out from under his rock to promote his latest get-rich-quick scheme before his son is even laid to rest. His lack of emotion about his lost son makes it easy to see why Michael had issues.

Then we have the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and the frenzy that always accompanies their rebel-rousing. I guess that's a black thing. I really don't understand it, since I thought we were all supposed to be the same. Was Michael Jackson even black anymore? He certainly looked white. I believe his skin turned white naturally just like I believe he didn't have plastic surgery on his face, as he told Martin Brashares in his infamous interview. Michael simply did not acknowledge a difference between fantasy and reality.

I recognize MJ's talent. I admit that it was mesmerizing to watch him perform. And I will admit that he changed the face of music, but to ignore his bizarre and potentially criminal behavior he bought his way out of, is to ignore the ground beneath our feet.

It bothers me that society went off the deep end when one entertainer, Michael Jackson, died suddenly, but it virtually ignored the loss, just hours before, of another entertainer, a brave, strong woman, whose death was equally tragic. She was just as revered by her fans as MJ was by his. And Farrah Fawcett was an artist. She was a beautiful woman, who was adored by millions. It is sad that her loss was all by forgotten in the media frenzy over the loss of the King of Pop.

Check this out This is ain interesting piece on the death of Michael Jackson. May he rest in peace!